Featured Artist | Richard Curtner – Spring 2014

Richard’s artwork writes epic poetry within the visual. For the past 15 years, California artist Curtner has created unique artwork for thousands of clients across the country, blending his artistic talents with his passion for the written word. His word collages are created by combining hundreds of cutouts of written text all pertaining to a particular theme. He scours through hundreds of highest quality magazines searching for colors, words, and phrases. Every detail in the collage is an individual cut out. Nothing is painted on or manipulated with a computer. Everything is cut out by hand with an X-Acto knife, glued together carefully, and then varnished. The end result is a distinctive form of artwork in which you can see something different every time you look at it.

Richard CurtnerHis works are a “green” art. All the materials come from donated magazines. “People would rather donate the magazines to me than have them go to a land fill. It gives the magazines a second life,” Curtner explains. He is motivated by a variety of themes. Lately he has been concentrating on cityscapes and figurative pieces. All of his figures in the artwork are faceless. This allows for a broader interpretation. People can put themselves in the pieces, or people they know. It allows for a greater connection between the viewer and the artwork.

Richard Curtner a resident of the Palm Springs, California area. He exhibits full time throughout the United States. His unique word collages are displayed in museums, galleries (both online and off). They are in publication in international and domestic art magazines, books, and other media. The artist’s award-winning creations are prized worldwide by both private and public collectors.

During the 2014 Spring Tempe Festival of the Arts, Richard Curtner will be located in the Featured Artist booth at the intersection of Mill Avenue and 5th Street.

The original of “The Catcher and the Fly” has been added to the Tempe Festival of the Arts Featured Artist Gallery, and will be on display during the Festival at the Mill Avenue District offices at 310 South Mill Avenue, Suite A‐201, in Downtown Tempe, Arizona.

Visit Richard Curtner’s online gallery at www.curtnerart.com