Featured Artist | Ryan Myers – Fall 2012

Ryan Myers of Madison, Wisconsin, tells stories about everyday lives, hopes, fears, and cherished deities through his figurative works in clay. From the very beginnings of mankind, the figure in art has held limitless possibilities and has been a subject matter to which everyone can relate.

girl-with-puppets_small-for-webSince Myers’ very first attempts to create art, he has been attracted to the human form.
Through his keen interest in the history and the intimacy of old objects, he expresses unique stories and hidden values through his art. As a youth he was influenced by his father’s Native American artifacts and American antiques which he remembers thinking of as treasures. He was attracted to the intimate qualities of the smaller objects: the textures of rusty iron, crawling paint on old furniture, and even the musty smell of various old objects from the past.
Myers comes from a background of art making in a university setting, where he focused on ceramic sculpture, primarily figurative. His current work focuses on sculpture that has an implied function. The possibility of people using the work for their daily rituals, such as morning coffee, is both fascinating and inspiring to him.
Myers is the 2012 Fall Tempe Festival of the Arts’ Featured Artist and his wall sculpture, “Girl with Hand Puppets,” has been chosen to represent the festival in promotions and advertising. During the 2012 Fall Tempe Festival of the Arts, Ryan Myers will be located in the Featured Artist booth at the intersection of Mill Avenue and 5th Street.
One of Myers’ original sculptures will be added to the Tempe Festival of the Arts Featured Artist Gallery, and will be on display at the Mill Avenue District offices at 310 South Mill Avenue, Suite A-201, in downtown Tempe, Arizona.