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2015 Fall 2016 Spring Applications with important dates and deadlines.

Entertainment Application 2015 Fall – [ download pdf ]
Entertainment Application 2016 Spring – [ download pdf ]
Entertainment Agreement – [ download pdf ]

Street Entertainers & Buskers

Street Entertainers and Buskers are stationed throughout the venue to delight our audiences and to provide a welcome and entertaining environment. Street performers consist of stilt-walkers, face painters, jugglers, palm readers, caricature artists, magicians, vaudevillians, musicians, etc. They are selected for suitability for performance at an outdoor art festival, and for quality of entertainment. Street Entertainers/Buskers may set up a 10×10 display, and perform live a minimum of five (5) 20-minute sets during each day of the festival. Occasionally, Street Performers/Buskers may roam. Street Performers/Buskers must be present all three days. The Tempe Festival of the Arts selects specific on-site locations for each performer. All instrumentation and sound systems must be provided by entertainer. Electrical access is not available in all locations. Street entertainers who sell CDs will share gross revenue with the Festival.

Stage Entertainers

Situated between the Arizona Wine Festival Garden and The Art of Beer microbrewery garden, the Festival Stage offers groups and bands an opportunity to participate with a different entertainment program on each of the three days of the Festival. Criteria for selecting Festival Stage Entertainment include the type of music, sound requirements, pricing, availability, suitability for performance at our outdoor visual art festival, and compatibility with the conduct of the adjacent wine and beer tasting/sales gardens. The Tempe Festival of the Arts provides a PA system and sound tech for the Festival Stage. All other instrumentation must be provided by the group. There is a limited budget for payment to Festival Stage Entertainment. Stage entertainers who sell CDs will share gross revenue with the Festival.

Cameo Circle

All Festival Street Entertainers/Buskers have the opportunity to participate in a featured 30 minute exclusive performance in Cameo Circle, located at 5th & Mill Avenue, the epicenter of the Festival. The Cameo Circle schedule is based on the number of street entertainers who want to participate and the number of time slots available per day. A basic “plug and play” PA system can be provided. Entertainers who prefer to use their own amplification equipment are responsible for transportation and set up. Other required electronics are the responsibility of the entertainer.

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