Tempe Festival of the Arts
Tempe Festival of the Arts


Over 375 artists and crafts persons display and sell their original work amid a street festival atmosphere throughout Downtown Tempe. A beloved, award-winning tradition, the event is one of the oldest and largest festivals of its kind in the state of Arizona, hosting as many as 250,000 festival visitors.

Sunshine Artist magazine (the leading publication for festival artists) ranks the Tempe Festivals of the Arts in the Top 100 Classic & Contemporary Craft Shows in the nation, based on artists’ surveys of excellence!

Coming from throughout North America —and around the world—Festival artists’ original works cover the gamut of creative visual categories including painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, ceramics, folk craft, glass, leather, metalwork, wearable art, woodwork, mixed media (2 and 3 dimensional).

The festival features only original art, and our artists are all present on-site to greet festival attendees. Works of art range from collector masterpieces to affordable art and craft for enthusiasts on small budgets.

Emerging Artists - NEW! 

A small selection of local, emerging artists have been invited to participate in the festival this fall. These individuals reside in the state of Arizona and are new to their artistic fields. Whether they are right out of school or switching careers later in life, we are hopeful that they will make the visual arts scene more robust and vibrant in our home state. 

2017 Spring Award Winners


Best of Show

Brian Magby
Undeveloped Area Farms
Upcycled/Creative Reuse 
Oklahoma City, OK

Best Booth Display

Brian Meade
Mesa, AZ


Desarae Lee
Desarae Lee Illustration
Salt Lake City, UT


Eric Carroll & Richard Turner 
Desert Steel 
Wichita, KS 


Transito Lopez 
Transey Lopez 
Cottonwood, AZ

Mixed Media

Tyler Voorhees 
Tyler Voorhees Art 
Fort Collins, CO

Cottage Edibles & Crafts

Gordon Broney
Broney Distributing 
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Kenneth Ober 
Inglewood, CA

Digital Art

Shawn Harris
Shawn Ray Harris
Trinidad, CO


Caroline Christie 
Colrain, MA


Jane Mohr
Jane Mohr Designs
Van Nuys, CA


Richard Nelson 
St. Paul, MN 


Stan & Shannon O'Neil 
Oneils Arts
La Conner, WA 


Bradley Anderson 
BVA Design 
Bozeman, MT

Fine Jewelry

Wolfgang Vaatz
Earth Terrra Erde Inc
Rio Rico, AZ

Upcycled/Creative Re-Use

Dawn & Chase Albright 
C + D Industry 
Glendale, AZ 

Ornamental Jewelry

Laura Mesirow
Mezzanine Jewelry
Phoenix, AZ


Tor Erickson 
Erickson Woodworking 
Nevada City, CA 


Natalie Wall
Salt Lake City, UT

Sixth + Mill Makers

Jeffrey Mayware 
Mayware Ceramics 
Phoenix, AZ 

Honorable Mentions

Busarin Kittichareonsup, Jewelry
Ian Ely, Photography 

People's Choice

Carlos Montanaro
Ornamental Jewelry 
Indio, CA