Tempe Festival of the Arts
Tempe Festival of the Arts

Artist Rules & Regulations


On-Site Security:
Festival security consists of overnight roaming and daytime crowd control. Additional security can be purchased by artists and vendors. For references, contact the event office.


Artist Parking:
Public Parking Lots are available for a daily fee.

The City of Tempe will be enforcing their NO URBAN CAMPING ordinance Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night in all public parking areas. Anyone sleeping overnight in a vehicle will be ticketed or towed at his/her own expense.


Liability Insurance & Risk Management Requirements:
The Tempe Festival of the Arts does not insure individual artists’ liabilities. You are required to cover your own insurance needs, or to be responsible for claims that arise as a result of injury or property damage related to your booth. You will be required to indicate your insurance upon check in at the festival.


Canopies must be securely weighted with no less than 40 lbs per leg. Weights must rest on the ground and have soft edges and be securely attached to the top corner of the canopy. Artists with canopies not meeting requirements will not be allowed to open unless the canopy is removed. Weight kits are available for rental.


Original Art Authenticity:
The Tempe Festival of the Arts accepts only original art and no re-sale or buy/sell is permitted. Each artist must participate in every aspect of the creation of his/her artwork and is required to be on site to greet our customers. You will be required to certify that you are the authentic artist and that these statements are true upon check-in at the festival. If art, or an artist, is discovered to not conform to festival rules, we will close the booth until it is brought into compliance, or we will remove it from the festival.