Tempe Festival of the Arts



The three festival stages are designed for groups and bands that will perform on a specific day and time during the festival. The Tempe Festival of the Arts provides a PA system and sound tech for the Festival Stage. All other instrumentation must be provided by the group.


Street performers consist of musicians (not bands), stilt-walkers, jugglers, roaming entertainment, magicians, vaudevillians, suitable for performance at an outdoor art festival and for quality of entertainment. Street Performers must have a minimal set-up that will not impede fire lanes at intersections or at ends of streets. They will perform live a minimum of five (4) 10-20 minute sets during each day of the festival. The final performance times will be negotiated and agreed upon during the contracting phase. Street Performers must be present all three days. The Tempe Festival of the Arts selects specific on-site locations for each performer. All instrumentation and sound systems must be provided by entertainer. Electrical access is not available in all locations.


Booth performers consist of musicians (not bands), face painters, palm readers, caricature artists, etc. suitable for performance at an outdoor art festival and for quality of entertainment. Booth Performers may set up a 10x10 display, and may be asked to perform live for up to five (5) 20-minute sets during each day of the festival. Booth Performers must be present all three days. The Tempe Festival of the Arts selects specific on-site locations for each performer. All canopies, tables, chairs, instrumentation and sound systems must be provided by entertainer. Electrical access is not available in all locations.


One (1) or multiple performance times may be scheduled by Event for Street/Booth Performers/Buskers to appear at Cameo Circle. Cameo Circle is located at 5th & Mill Avenue festival epicenter crossroads to feature Street/Booth Performers in cameo presentations. Event will provide a “plug and play” amplification system for use at Cameo Circle. Entertainer(s) may provide their own amplification system if desired. Cameo Circle is optional, performers may opt out.


  • Electric needs must not exceed 110volts/15amps; YOU MUST REQUEST ELECTRICAL ACCESS AT TIME OF APPLICATION to receive it. If generator rental is necessary, the cost of generator rental will be passed on to the Entertainer requiring the rental.
  • No person or organization may use harsh, vulgar, or obscene language at any time during the festival and will not be permitted to create a public disturbance within the festival grounds. Entertainer agrees not to use explicit lyrics that may be considered offensive by the Event audience. All lyrics must be family appropriate.
  • Basic electricity is provided complimentary. Performers will pay for additional electricity if needed. all electrical cords must be taped down and maintain secure taping during the festival.
  • Performers will supply electrical cords with covers if stretched across a walkway 


  • All Entertainers are required to check-in at festival Registration location prior to loading-in and setting up. Festival Registration information will be provided no later than the Monday prior to the festival. Without proper hang-tag credentials Vendors will not be allowed to access festival grounds to set-up.
  • Photo ID is required at time of check-in
  • Booths must be set-up by 9:00 a.m., open by 10:00 a.m. and remain open until 5:30 p.m. all three days. All vehicles must be off property by 9:00a.m.
  • Street and Booth Performers must claim their assigned booth space no later than 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning or it will be forfeited
  • Performers are responsible for removing debris and ensuring the general cleanliness of the area
  • For Stage Performers, the Entertainment Coordinator will be in contact about load-in/out based upon your schedule performance time.


  • Performers are allowed to sell merchandise items that were submitted on merchandise list during EVENT application process and approved during the selection process. Additional merchandise items not approved during the selection process need prior written approval from EVENT before they are eligible for sale.
  • Prices of items are approved during the selection process. Changes to merchandise list pricing are not allowed.
  • Merchandise such as instruments are considered pieces of art and must be accepted into the festival thru the Artist application via zapplication.org. Merchandise such as t-shirts, posters and CDs/downloads etc. are permitted for sale.
  • Stage/Booth Performers will provide all required equipment for sales


  • Performers pay a $75 City of Tempe Tax & License fee, this is not considered part of the nonrefundable commission deposit. It covers all sales tax for the City of Tempe; however, Performers are required to pay their own State of Arizona sales taxes. The $75 festival fee required by the City of Tempe if entertainer is selling any product; services such as face painting, henna tattoos, etc. are exempt. This fee exempts the applicant from city business license and sales tax collection. This fee does NOT exempt applicants from state taxes. All other City of Tempe tax licenses are not applicable for use at the festival.
  • All Booth Performers will pay a flat fee for their space no additional commissions or space fees are due.
  • Stage Entertainment Merchandise Sales program participants will pay a 20% commission to the Festival for all product sales
  • Failure to submit payments on time may forfeit your space in this festival and future festivals.
  • All flat fees are due after receiving the acceptance email.
  • A $25 fee will be assessed for any checks with insufficient funds or returned.
  • A $100.00 fee may be assessed for late payments.
  • Make Money Orders and Checks payable to Downtown Tempe Foundation, this includes the $75 tax fee. 


  • Event participants agree to allow use of video and photography taken by Festival organizers at the event for promotional purposes.
  • Any photos taken by the event are the property of the Festival.
  • If Performer arranges to have video or photography of their performance during the festival they must get written permission from EVENT.


  • The Tempe Festival of the Arts and Downtown Tempe Foundation, Inc. are not responsible for damage, theft, or loss of equipment or display furnishings. 
  • Applicants must obey all pertinent safety codes and laws, including, but not limited to, fire, safety and parking regulations.


  • Performers will abide by EVENT staff requirements regarding location(s). EVENT reserves the right to change a vendor location at any time.
  • Performers’ spaces cannot exceed 10’x10’
  • Performing/Selling space is limited to the area within 5’ from your exhibit space footprint. No roaming is allowed at this Festival.
  • Cardboard recycling is required and dumpsters will be provided
  • Performers will bring tent, tables, chairs, and anything else required for operations or, will rent required equipment from EVENT prior to event
  • Canopy tents must be fire retardant; open flames must be located a minimum of 10’ away from all canopy materials
  • All canopies, tents and other temporary structures must be weighted before you are permitted to open, with the equivalent of 40 pounds per pole minimum. Booths may not open until properly weighted. EVENT may close your booth due to lack of proper weights.


  • The Tempe Festival of the Arts will take place rain or shine. Applicants agree to be present despite weather conditions. Though rain is not common in the Desert Southwest, each participant is responsible for prepare their displays to withstand weather fluctuations including rain and wind. 



Performers execute any agreement with EVENT as independent contractors and shall at all times have complete supervision, direction, and control over the services to fulfill requirements. Performers execute this agreement as independent contractors, not as an employee of EVENT. Performers will assume responsibility for appropriate payment of payroll taxes and charges under applicable federal and local law. Performers agree to take complete responsibility for paying the appropriate federal and state taxes as independent contractors.


  • Applicants will obey all pertinent codes, laws, ordinances and regulations.
  • Each applicant is issued a City of Tempe business license and sales tax sign, and is required to exhibit the sign in the front, upper- right corner of their booth display, visible to patrons. This sign must be displayed at all times.
  • Installation and operation of any exhibits not meeting event approval are prohibited.
  • State of Arizona sales taxes must be paid separately by the Applicant. A State of Arizona Sales Tax permit application will be included in your registration packet for your convenience.


  • Applicants release and hold harmless Downtown Tempe Foundation, Inc. and its agents, employees, volunteers and contractors, Kate Hastings & Associates, the City of Tempe, Maricopa County, and all event sponsors from any and all liability.
  • Applicants must comply with all Festival, municipal and state rules, regulations and policies listed in this application, or policies included in the applicant acceptance notification. Any noncompliance will cause elimination and applicant may be immediately removed from the Festival with no refund of fees or compensation for expenditures. Applicants also may be barred from acceptance to future Tempe Festivals of the Arts and Downtown Tempe Foundation, Inc. events.
  • Tempe Festival of the Arts and Downtown Tempe Foundation, Inc., in their sole discretion, may reserve the right to refuse participation by any applicant, entertainer, food vendor or any other such participant for any reason.
  • Downtown Tempe Foundation, Inc., and the Tempe Festival of the Arts are not liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for applicant's failure to obey the rules and regulations or due to the unstable condition of the area in which the Festival is produced, caused by, but not limited to, weather, fire or other calamity, any act of nature, public enemy, strikes, statutes, ordinances of any legal authority or any other cause beyond DTF's control. 
  • By fulfilling application and engaging in participation, all applicants release and hold harmless Downtown Tempe Foundation, Inc., the Tempe Festival of the Arts, the City of Tempe, Maricopa County, the State of Arizona, and all event sponsors from any and all liability, as outlined in the rules and regulations.
  • Applicants will initiate any legal proceedings arising from violations of these terms and conditions in Maricopa County, Arizona.
  • Applications and/or acceptance notifications are not contracts.