Tempe Festival of the Arts
Tempe Festival of the Arts

Tanya Doskova - Fall 2011

Tanya Doskova is a Bulgarian-born, Canadian artist living in Vancouver, BC. She holds a Master of Arts 
degree in Printmaking. In 1990, Tanya moved from Sofia, Bulgaria to London, UK, where she had her 
work presented in more than 20 group exhibitions and was featured in three solo exhibitions in Soho. In 1995 Tanya moved to Canada and in 1996 and 1997 she won five major Canadian Awards from the 
Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators (CAPIC). From 1998 to 2002 she did computer animation and special effects for the film industry in London, UK 
and Vancouver, BC. Tanya worked in U2 and Ridley Scott's post- production house ‘The Mill’ and in 
Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in England, creating special effects for the Hollywood motion pictures: 
'Enemy of the State', 'Babe 2', and 'Pitch Black'. In 2010 Tanya Doskova won an Award of Excellence in The Communication Arts Illustration Annual 
Competition. This prestigious American award and the publication of her images in The Communication
Arts Magazine gave her worldwide exposure and recognition. Check out Tanya Doskova images online at www.fineartoncanvas.com