Tempe Festival of the Arts
Tempe Festival of the Arts

Vicki Fish - Spring 2016

Vicki Fish is known for her sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical mixed media constructions that tell stories, reflect on the human condition, and relay the ironies of life’s situations. Her work is influenced by myths, the animal world, humor, personal journeys, and human nature.

Her work is a combination of materials and techniques. In true hunter-gatherer fashion, she uses any material to tell the story, including found and re-purposed materials such as old boxes and tins, game pieces, scraps of paper, and occasional chopstick wrapper. 

“Once I find a box, I alter it using the table saw and sander, cut wings from metal or make appendages from branches, and attach them with rivets, wires, or screws. I then work on the inside of the box, incorporating more traditional materials like block prints, paint, gesso, pencil, and collage; and, I add found objects or small pieces that I cast in bronze, using the lost-wax casting method. Each piece is finished by attaching Plexiglas with nails and beads and riveting old tin to the cut wings.” 

She received a B.A. in art from Montana State University and an M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute. She spent many years making Kodiak Island, Alaska home, working there as a mom, bartender, carpenter, and instructor at Kodiak College. She moved to Montana to start the Bear Canyon School of Art and Craft and to pursue life as a full-time artist. She travels the country appearing at art festivals.