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Food & Snack Vendors

Tempe Festival of the Arts has several opportunities for food vendors: the food court, snack vendors, food trucks and lemonade vendors.

The Festival Food Court is located on 7th Street west of Mill Avenue. It offers fast festival food. Food court vendors include a variety of foods like fry bread, BBQ, Hawaiian Fried Noodles, tri-tip steak sandwiches, brats and more, items that are not offered by our everyday Downtown Tempe businesses. 

Snack vendors are located in various locations throughout the event for patrons to enjoy as they stroll along the streets. Snack foods include kettle corn, chocolate dipped fruits, fudge, caramel apples, and assorted beverages (not including Lemonade).

The Food Truck Alley is a dedicated area in the event offering quick food options.

Lemonade vendors are located in various locations throughout the event and are the only vendors permitted to sell lemonade on the street. 

The Food Vendor Application for 2019 Fantasy of Lights Parades and Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 Tempe Festival of the Arts is open! The application will close on May 31, 2019.

If you're interested in becoming a future food vendor at our events and have questions, email

Before completing the application, please read the Food Vendor Rules and Regulations.

Food Vendors Apply Here

Please contact Kim DeMerrit for questions regarding food & snack vendors.


Wine & Spirits Vendors

The festival welcomes wineries and distilleries to participate as vendors in the Wine & Spirit Tasting section of the festival. 

Operations in winery & distillery booths may include tastings in exchange for festival tasting tickets ONLY and the sale of packaged wines. We highly encourage the participating wineries & distilleries to promote their presence at this event as a place where guests can purchase locally made wine and spirits.

Please contact Krislyn Powell for questions regarding beer, wine & spirit vendors.

For all other inquiries please email