Tempe Festival of the Arts
Tempe Festival of the Arts

Mass Transportation for the Festival

The Tempe Festival of the Arts is located on the city streets of downtown Tempe, on Mill Avenue between 3rd Street and University Parkway, and on 5th Street between Myrtle and Ash Avenue.

Valley Metro Trip Planner

To find out the best way for you to take public transportation to the Festival, click here to plan your trip

METRO Light Rail

The most hassle-free way to get to the Festival is Metro Light Rail. Light rail provides free parking at 9 Valley Park and Ride so you can ride the train directly to the 3rd & Mill festival entrance.

For rates and other details see www.valleymetro.org

Park & Ride

Locations are as follows:

  • 19th Ave/Dunlap Avenue – 415 spaces
  • 19th  Avenue/Montebello Avenue – 794 spaces
  • 19th  Avenue/Camelback Road – 410 spaces
  • 7th  Avenue/Camelback Road – 123 spaces
  • Central Avenue/Camelback Road – 135 spaces
  • 38th  Street/Washington Street – 189 spaces
  • Dorsey Lane/Apache Boulevard – 190 spaces
  • McClintock Road/Apache Boulevard – 300 spaces
  • Price - 101 Freeway/Apache Boulevard – 693 spaces
  • Sycamore Street/Main Street – 802 spaces
  • Mesa Drive – 448 spaces

Tempe Transportation Center

The Tempe Transportation Center in only one block east of the 5th Street entrance to the Festival. Avoid parking by taking the bus.

For information about the Tempe Transportation Center service area and amenities, click on this link:

Tempe Orbit Bus

If you live in Tempe, check out the Orbit Bus system. It’s free and convenient. Click here for more information: